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CUTE CAT - Letter Fun!

Kolejny odcinek Letter Fun - tym razem bohaterem jest CUTE CAT :D

This time we'll play with a real cute cat.
You can start with this rhyming riddle:
Cute Cat takes care of five words beginning with letter "C"

cake, carrot, cow, cat, car

You can practice spelling and writing doing some excercises:
our favourite "peek-a-boo" book:
 "Pussycat pussycat" is an easy to learn rhyme.

If your child is very young, you should sing and listen to easy English songs all the time. It is the best way to teach your child new words and phrases. Listen to the Cute Cat's favourite song - and sing it with us!!!

Here kitty cat - Julek uwielbia Barney'a, więc staram się wplatać w nasze zabawy angielskie piosenki z tego programu. Piosenka jest naprawdę ŚWIETNA!!! Możecie obejrzeć ją TUTAJ
tekst piosenki znajdziecie w materiałach.

This evening Julek made a cute cat from a paper bag. We were practicing drawing, using a brush and glue - that was so much fun for him!!! during our crafts we were listening to "here kitty cat" song  again and again....
Three little kittens:

For older children I've got a very simple story: The cat and the fox. It's an Aesop's fable which has the moral: a little common sense is better than many sneaky tricks! I've made 4 illustrations to make the story more attractive.
After that, your child can make a performance for the rest of the family. Make the finger puppets or print out the characters: cat, fox and dogs. The dialogues are short and simple, so it could be your child's first play in English!!!

I have also made three steps cards with some types of cats - wild and domestic. The third set practices cat's body parts vocabulary.
*oczywiście materiały do ściągnięcia są w j.angielskim :D

I think that famous cats - memory game will be the best way to spend a nice evening together. (without TV of course!). Another day you can watch some films or cartoons where CATS are important characters!

- Alice in Wonderland
- Puss in boots
- Pink Panther
- Garfield
- Felix
- Shrek
- .....
Here is another cute cat's task - spend some time in the kitchen to make some cat's muffins.
Przepis na marchewkowe muffinki podam Wam niebawem :DDD

Have a nice time with the Cute Cat's challenges :D
Next time I'll show you how we spent time with a Dizzy Duck.

AAAAA zapomniałabym o moim kotku psotku klamkowym - idealnie wpisuje się w ten temat!!!

 Jeśli jesteście zainteresowani materiałami koniecznie kliknijcie TUTAJ
*materiały do cute cat znajdziecie w folderze j. angielski C - cute cat :D

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